About Us

Hi, my name is Cindy Scarpa. We are located in Quaker Hill, Connecticut. In the New London County area which is in the southeastern part of the state. I have always been an animal lover. Over the years I have had several mixed breeds, a German Shepherd and also horses. As my three children became adults and went off to college (Charlotte), Marine Corps (Michelle) and Airforce (Larry), my husband Ken, who has been my best friend for over twenty years made the declaration that our house was too empty and he was right! After lots of research we both agreed the new addition to our lives had to be a Great Dane. We added Gus, a black male to our home.

While deciding what to name Gus we came up with several long names. I ran the names past my son Larry and he piped up with, ďWhatís wrong with just calling him Gus?!Ē I liked the sound of that and it seemed to really fit him. So then I tried to come up with names to go with it. Ken suggested Augustus. I still wanted to put together more of a name with that. So with his kennel prefix of Dodds, Gusís name became, Dodds Augustus Caesar.

Gus is just so wonderfully loveable and hugable, we instantly fell in love with him and the magnificent Great Dane Breed. At that moment I knew I wanted to learn all I could and to be a part of showing and breeding these wonderful giants.

We are active supporters of Great Dane Rescue, Past Board Members of the Great Dane Club of Oxford, (CT), members of the Great Dane Club of America, Board member of the St. Hubert Kennel Club and founding members of the New England Drafting & Driving Club.

Our Kennel Name

We adore Gus so much that when we were thinking of what to name our kennel there was only one thing that came to mind and that was Gus. So in honor of Gus, our kennel name became Cae-sar Danes. We added a hyphen to the name Caesar to make the name more unique since there are so many dogs with the name of Caesar.

Our Foundation Bitch

We added to our home our foundation bitch Dodds Caesars Calpurnia "Cally." Cally is a beautiful blue bitch that Iíve been actively campaigning in the conformation, obedience and rally-o rings.

Our Danes are raised with LOTS of love, indoors, on our couches not in kennels and are truly members of our family. Before we breed any of our Danes we OFA X-ray hips, echocardiogram heart, test thyroid, and CERF test eyes. We show our Danes in AKC conformation, obedience, rally-o, drafting and in the future, agility.

We breed for temperament, health, soundness, longevity and correct conformation. All our puppies are whelped and raised in our home. They are cuddled and loved on a daily basis. Our puppies are AKC registered, come with a written health guarantee and a strict contract. All pet puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts with limited AKC registration. We believe that every puppy we produce is our responsibility for life. We offer 24/7 assistance and after care to all our new puppy owners.

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