Gus & Our Sulky

Dodds Agustus Caesars, CGC, "Gus". Gus is a big lovable, handsome, goofy boy! For activities, Gus enjoys to play ball. You throw um and he’ll catch um! Gus's favorite activity is sulky carting! He just LOVES it! We have so much fun with our sulky cart! We’ve explored many of the local parks and trails with our sulky.

People always ask me how I got started sulky driving. Click the link if you want to know more about it.

Gus and I participated in the Easter Seals Walk With Me event held in Mystic, Connecticut in 2003 with our sulky cart. It was a lot of fun. Our sulky cart is a Regal City Mini Canine Sulky built by Jim Walsh from Australia. Jim will custom build a Mini, as we call them, to fit you and your dog. To learn more about the Mini you can visit the City Mini web site. R.J. Walsh & Son

The harness we use is a dorsal hitch style harness available from TZLITES Harnesses, designed and fabricated by Darlette Ratschan of California. I added a bellyband to the harness to stabilize it a bit more for hills. The belly band idea came from what I learned on our trip to Mushing Boot Camp Pull Clinic. The bellyband preformed so well that Darlette has improved on my design and now makes the bellyband available with the Dorsal Hitch Harness. For information on how to get started training your dog for drafting, check out our draft training page.

sleepy Gus picture:

This silly picture of Gus sleeping on the couch probably best decribes his true personality! Besides, who could ever resist that smile?! This is one of my favorite pictures of Gus!

Besides lounging on the couch, Gus loves sulky carting! Some times he'll even get the bag I keep his harness in and bring it to me to show me that he wants to go. If I try to act like I don't understand what he's trying to tell me, he sometimes will take his harness out of the bag him self. Then with one end of the harness in his mouth, he'll try to flip the other end up around his neck to show me that he wants me to put it on him so we can go!

Gus flying with our sulky cart:           Gus and Mini Horses Picture:                                                                                                   Gus is the horse with his tongue hanging out!!

This past summer Gus and I took a little vacation and went to my sister Charlene’s house in Pennsylvania. She has mini horses and a Clydesdale that she has draft trained. We did a little drive training with the mini horses. We had a great time! What a blast it was to be driving along side the mini horses! We even got a chance to see a horse show with driving classes while we were there. The horse folks got quite a kick out of seeing Gus pulling me in our sulky!

I'll have a movie here of Gus and I sulky carting at Bluff Point in Groton, Connecticut as soon as I can figure out how to get it to work!

I'll also have a movie of us sulky carting in Pennsylvania with my nephew Daniel and his mini horse too. It ws a lot of fun driving with the mini horses and we got quite a kick out of Gus being a half an inch taller than Daniel’s handsome little mini stallion!

Christmas 2002 picture with sulky: This was our Christmas Card picture for 2002. Our friends and relatives got quite a kick out of this picture! The comments ranged from, “Those don’t look like reindeer!” to “What happened? Did the reindeer take a vacation day?” I thought the comments were pretty funny.

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