How I Got Started Sulky Driving

Having Great Danes, a non-traditional draft breed, people always ask me how I ever got started sulky driving. I’m not physically able to take nice long walks with our three Great Danes Gus, Cally and her pup, Tori, due to a back injury. They get exercise chasing each other around in our large yard, but that’s just not the same thing as being able to enjoy a nice long walk in a beautiful park. I feel very bad about that so I would often try to take them any way and very quickly physically suffer because of it.

I was walking back home one day from a short walk with Gus and having a really hard time of it. I’m sure my very slow walking must have been pretty annoying for poor Gus. I thought if I only had roller skates or a skateboard, he could pull me home when my back acts up on walks. I thought that might be a good idea so I started mulling it over in my head.

A short time later it was Christmas time. My sister Charlene Berg and her family came to my home in Connecticut from their farm in Western Pennsylvania. She is very active in drafting with her Clydesdale and mini horses.

Charlene took one look at Gus and Cally and said, “Wow, your should hitch a cart to those house horses of yours!” Having Great Danes you often hear comments like, ”You should put a saddle on that horse!” This was the first time I’d ever heard that I should hitch a cart to them!!!

While we were all laughing about this Gus went and got his rope pull toy and brought it over to Charlene to play. With a house full of company for holidays, you often run out of dinning room chairs and have to improvise with other chairs such as the computer chair.

About that time Charlene said again, “You really should hitch a cart to these houses horses of yours. They’re taller than my mini horses and if they can pull me around the house on the tiny wheels of this computer chair with their teeth, imagine what they could do properly harnessed and trained to pull a cart!”

This seemed to be just what I was looking for!!! The perfect way to better exercise our Danes and get out and enjoy the beautiful parks in our area. Well, that was it for me. I was off doing research on how to get started training for sulky driving with my Danes, and the rest is history!!!

This was written a while ago. We have since added Max and Lia to our family. We are now a Dane family of five!

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